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BREAD PUDDING WITH SALTY CARAMEL SAUCE Baked & served warm with vanilla ice cream & salty-sweet caramel sauce.
UNO DEEP DISH SUNDAE® Vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce & whipped cream atop a giant chocolate chip cookie freshly baked in a deep dish pan. Also available in 'mega-sized'.
OREO® BROWNIE BOWL A warm Oreo® brownie, vanilla ice cream, fudge sauce, whipped cream.
CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER CUP A giant peanut butter cup with vanilla ice cream & chocolate sauce.
THE GRANNY SMITH ALL AMERICAN Granny Smith apples with sugar & cinnamon, baked with a brown sugar and rolled oat crust. Served warm with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.
STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE Scrumptious layers of sliced strawberries with whipped cream and sweet vanilla cake.

Mini Sweets

  • Hot Chocolate
    Brownie Sundae
  • Granny Smith
    All American
  • Chocolate Peanut
    Butter Cup
  • Macadamia Nut White Chocolate Chunk Deep Dish Cookie Sundae